The business event for travel creators

Helping you go pro & scale

Go from pro traveler to pro creator...

Turn your passion for travel into something bigger! Become a respected travel authority, inspiring others to have positive travel experiences of their own – and make a living doing it.

At TravelCon, you’ll learn how to GO PRO by:

You’ve built. Now it’s time to scale...

As an established creator, your next move is to improve your workflow and structure to keep up with demand and make a bigger impact.

At TravelCon, you’ll learn how to SCALE by:

What's on the AGENDA?

The schedule is packed with opportunities to find your people, do business, and learn from your peers.


Featuring Travel Boards, Brands, DMOs, creator service providers, and more -- many with specially-curated offers, partnerships, and products to discuss with you.


All of our sessions will be aimed at helping you go pro or scale. You'll learn from the success stories and case studies of your industry peers and leaders.

Meetings with Industry Reps

Pro Networking is 1:1 meetings with brands, sponsors, and travel boards, scheduled in advance using our event software.


Find your people in meetups tailored to your platform or niches. Our goal is to connect you with as many creators as possible!



Travel influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, authors, and creators


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CVBs, DMOs, Travel Boards, Travel Brands, Destinations, Tour Companies, Creator Services, Creator Tools, Agencies, PR Companies


Use code SUMMER300 for $300 off